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Our Healing Center

This innovative technology is called the Energy Enhancement System, a bioactive life-enhancing field combines color therapy, light therapy, and scalar wave energy.
Our 24 unit EESystem is a set of custom-built and installed computers designed to generate hyper-healthy energy fields that promote healing.

About the Owners

We are so happy you found us!
We are a privately owned family business (husband and wife). We are not a franchise and are not affiliated with any other EE system location. We are a proud Unifyd Healing Center. We take pride in creating a beautiful space where people can relax and unwind in the EE System, while listening to soothing music and enjoying the high frequency scent of YL essential oils.
We, Leon and Wilma, both grew up Amish here in Ohio, and practiced their way of life for 30 years. We were fortunate to grow up and live a good life, experience good morals, and have a great work ethic instilled surrounded by family. We have 3 amazing daughters, Liz, Amanda, and Loretta, and a 4 legged fur baby, Hazel, who welcomes people at the center most days. When Leon and I turned 30, in 2006, we made the decision to leave the Amish faith. We have always had a love for adventure, curious minds, free spirits, and felt like there was more “out there” for us to explore. We left Ohio for 5 years and lived in different parts of the country such as beautiful Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, South Carolina, and then back to Ohio in 2012. Along the way we were always intrigued by the growing knowledge of alternative healing methods. We began to see the importance of seeking whole body healing, focusing on creating a more coherent mind, body, and emotions, and how that can support us to live a more empowered life to create the life we want. The journey has been an incredible one to say the least. Part of which is why we have the EE System to begin with.


Leon and I are incredibly excited to share this amazing technology at our center in Sugarcreek, Ohio to many people across the country! We are all about freedom, empowerment, living from your heart, live with passion, and learn to have as much fun as possible each day. Welcome to our mission and we hope you feel right at home.

The Vision and Intention for our Wellness Center:
We offer a place for people to come and sit and relax in a serene, quiet place with energy and light. Creating a judgement free zone, the feeling of unconditional love, to heal the mind, body, and emotions.

The future of energy medicine is here!
Come enjoy the amazing scalar waves with us.