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Welcome to our wellness center!

This innovative technology is called the Energy Enhancement System, a bioactive life-enhancing field combines color therapy, light therapy, and scalar wave energy.
Our 24 unit EESystem is a set of custom-built and installed computers designed to generate hyper-healthy energy fields that promote healing.

  • Our room has 11 comfortable leather power recliners to relax while you take in the good energy.
  • In the room we have a state of the art NASA technology air purifying system.
  • The room is darkened, and climate controlled. To maintain a quiet, and peaceful space, we ask that people either turn off their cell phones or silence them inside the room.
  • We honor our brave veterans at a discounted price.
  • We also honor our distinguished senior citizens 60 years and over with a discounted price.
  • Schedule your session by appointment only calling or texting at 330-201-0196.
  • Offer the trusted Young Living essential oils and other YL products

The future of energy medicine is here!
Come enjoy the amazing scalar waves with us.