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I came in the first time for a 2 hour EE session with sinus issues that I had a for a couple weeks. I could feel pressure releasing in my head as time went on, and I could breathe better and the drainage wasn’t as bad. My congestion pretty much cleared up after a 2 hour session! After I went home and did the bath detox I felt 20lbs lighter!

Kathy Harris

I have never felt better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My cataracts are gone! (No Surgery) depression very much improved, energy greatly improved, aches and pains little to none now. I’ve been coming every week for 3 hours since May 2023.

Jerry Geib

My story starts in 1973. I was injured in an altercation that broke my cheek bone that holds the eye in place. After surgery to set the bone the whole side of my face was numb. 50 years later, after 3 – 2 hour sessions, I began to get feeling in my cheek. Now, after several sessions, I can state that I have about 90% of the feeling back. I have been married for 47 years and I can now feel her lips, on mine, when we kiss. How wonderful is that? God Bless!


Love coming to this center! My body feels addicted to this scalar energy. Coming here for EE sessions has healed my stomach ulcers, and has calmed my nervous system.

Shelly Valinttine

I felt tingling in the first session and I had a renewed sense of clarity, peace, and a knowing that all is well. Then many sessions later I noticed an improvement in my knees where the worn cartilage had caused so much pain, now I can walk with way more ease and that is huge for me. I look forward to increased healing! I love Wilma and Leon and their energy as well. Thank you for creating such a place!


I could feel areas of tingling in my lower legs where I have on and off swelling. It felt as if blood flow was improving! After my first 2 hour EE session I felt lighter, “more carefree”, less stress, and relaxed.


I’m feeling more balanced, and my mental clarity, and overall mood has improved. I have been coming for EE sessions since July of 2023, and now have 64 hours in. I always look forward to my session.


When I started at Infinity Life and Wellness Center, I was struggling with a heart condition and rather serious breathing issues. I had to ask my husband to carry laundry upstairs for me.I had to catch my breath before I could do anything around the house. I made multiple stops in my morning walk to complete my usual circuit.
So far I’ve had 20 sessions at the Wellness Center, I’ve found increasing improvement in my mobility. I can carry the laundry upstairs by myself and continue to put things away, clean the bathroom, make the bed - all without having to stop and rest once I get upstairs. I no longer have to stop on my daily walks to catch my breath.
Gardening season is coming and I can't wait!


Ever since I went into A-Fib mid-January, I have had a feeling of pressure or heaviness in my chest, like something is sitting on it. It has been very discouraging for me. However, after my last session (20 hours, coincidentally), that feeling went away! And still today I have no more heaviness! Although my A-Fib lingers, I believe it will soon correct itself as well. Thank you for your center and your kindness! (I started my sessions 2 weeks ago)


I have been visiting the Infinity Life and Light Wellness Center for almost a year. The sessions usually averaged from 2-4 hours about 2 times a month, including overnight 10-hour sessions. I've experienced calmness of mind, spirit and body. Overall, I notice a sense of well being beyond what I had previously. I am in my early 70s, and I have experienced less joint pain, less sinus problems, more mental and physical energy, and improved quality of sleep. During the overnight sessions, I have experienced very lucid and vivid dreams. It is as if kindred spirits were in the room with me, and I felt as though I was awake during my dreams. Leon and Wilma are the most loving and kindest people you could meet. They present their facility with open arms and a non-judgment atmosphere.